Does the administration of your Pension scheme cause you concern?

Are you confident that you could deal with questions raised in regard of:

  • Ever-changing, complex Scheme regulations;
  • Auto-enrolment and re-enrolment;
  • Monthly Data Collection for the Teachers and Local Government Pension Schemes;
  • NEST and AVC schemes;
  • Benefit and Redundancy Calculations;
  • Statutory returns and annual audits;
  • Calculation and remittance of employee and employers contributions?

The PPS Pensions team, dedicated to the administration of the Local Government, Teachers, NHS and NEST pension schemes, will deal with all of the above on your behalf, and much more.

Our fully managed, all-inclusive Pensions service will address all pensions issues that arise, regardless of how minor or complex they may be. Just contact the Pensions team and the issue will be dealt with on your behalf.

Furthermore, the PPS Pensions service will be happy to visit your premises to deliver surgeries for your employees, which is all part of our standard package.


To discuss our Pensions Service with us, or for any other questions, please get in touch.

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