Electronic P60’s

Electronic P60’s
May 17, 2018 Vicky Summers


Electronic P60`s

As a current Oracle Employee Self-Service user, you have access to view all of your historical payslips in electronic format, and if required, to print any payslips that you may need.

In addition to electronic payslips, the Oracle Employee Self Service system now also incorporates electronic P60 end of year statements, which you may also access in exactly the same manner as for payslips.

In order to further streamline internal processes, a decision has now been made by your organisation to withdraw the provision of hard-copy P60 statements for all employees who currently access their payslips electronically.

Your 2017/2018 P60 statement has been uploaded onto the Oracle Self Service system in order that you may view details and/or print the document as/is necessary.

Please be assured that should you decide to print your P60 statement, the document does represent and will be accepted as a formal statement of your earnings and statutory deductions for the financial year, in exactly the same manner as if a hard-copy P60 statement was provided to you.


In order to provide more convenience for employees in regard of gaining access to electronic P60 statements, a secure web portal has now been developed and implemented by PPS. Therefore, employees may now access Employee Self Service functionality via any device that connects to the internet, at any time of the day or night. Alternatively, access via your workplace network will remain as an option. The link to the web portal is as follows: https://hrselfservice.sandwell.gov.uk

Should you encounter any problems In regard of not being able to access your electronic P60 statement via Employee Self-Service, please contact HR Frontline via telephone number 0121 569 3300.




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